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    Learn English at EC in St. Julians, Malta. Language courses for adults, teenagers and professionals.

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    • English courses

      • General English

        EC Malta offers a complete range of short and long-term language courses to improve your communication skills and confidence. These English courses are aimed for students aged 16 or over.

        • Standard course

          If you want to improve your English level and gain fluency while effectively building up confidence, join EC's most popular programme: the General English course.

        • Intensive course

          The Intensive General English course will allow you take all the lessons in the "standard" programme, plus 10 additional elective lessons per week.

        • English in the city

          This programme will allow you to become fluent in the practical use of English and will make you discover your destination and its culture through its language.

        • Mini group course

          Studying in very small groups allows participants to receive close and personalised monitoring from teachers. Furthermore, the laid-back atmosphere gives every student a chance to actively participate in the class.

      • 30+ courses

        Are you over 30 and looking to improve your language skills? Do you want to make the most of your holidays or go on a training leave?

        • Standard 30+

          In this course, students will take 20 General English lessons a week (15 hours), during which they will focus on reviewing different language areas: vocabulary, listening, grammar, reading, speaking, etc.

        • Intensive 30+

          In this course, a group of students in their thirties will take the 20 General English lessons from the "standard" programme, plus 10 additional electives per week (a total of 22.5 hours).

        • English for work 30+

          English is a must in today's competitive job market. This intensive English for Work course for students over 30 will help you improve your language skills once and for all and become a valuable asset to any company.

      • Business courses

        Nowadays, English-speaking employees are very much valued by most employers and organisations. Whether you are already settled in a job or looking for business opportunities, language knowledge will always make you stand out.

        • Mini-group

          This course focuses mainly on the language knowledge you need in order to develop core business skills. You will study in a mini-group with a maximum of 6 people.

        • Combined business English

          Combine the acquisition of business-oriented language and social skills with individual lessons with a private tutor.

        • One-to-one

          Maximise your progress in Business English through private lessons at EC Malta. The "one-to-one" courses focus exclusively on your needs, as your teacher will design the lessons accordingly.

        • English for work

          Foreign language skills have become essential at the workplace. Whether you want to change your career or are on the hunt for a good job, the English for Work course will help you develop the specific communication skills you need in ...

      • Exam Preparation

        Students requiring an internationally recognised qualification in English can take one of EC Malta's exam preparation courses.

    • Accommodation

      EC Malta offers a selection of good quality accommodation to choose from. Whether you wish to experience the culture by living with an English speaking host family or want to enjoy an international atmosphere by sharing an ...

    • About Malta

      There are very few countries of the size of Malta that are so rich in history, spreading from the prehistoric era right up to the present day.

    • EC Malta

      EC aims to offer a truly vibrant and multicultural environment as it welcomes students of different ages from all over the world, giving you the opportunity learn about other cultures and different ways of life.

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  • Course Levels

    The Linguatime English course system contains 6 levels. The teaching plan and progression of each level are set according to selected textbooks. A placement test is held at the beginning of the course to guarantee the ...

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