About Malta

There are very few countries of the size of Malta that are so rich in history, spreading from the prehistoric era right up to the present day.

It is this history of a succession of civilisations and cultures, of struggle and war, of achievement in the face of adversity, of continuous improvement, which makes Malta the proud and prosperous nation it is today and a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Malta owes most of this fame to its strategic location right in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Getting around

Public transport is an extremely cheap way to move around, ranging from EUR 0.50 to EUR 1.25 per ride.

The main bus terminal in Valletta is just outside the City Gate and another one is found in in Victoria (Gozo).

Bus tickets are purchased on the bus directly from the driver. Special tickets can be purchased from the main terminals and allow unlimited travel during a certain amount of days.


For the summer months light cotton is ideal (and don't forget your swimsuit!). Long sleeve jumpers and a jacket are just right for the winter months. Comfortable and slip-resistant footwear is a must for country walks.

If you plan to visit churches, you will need long trousers or a long skirt and something to cover your shoulders with.